Kayaking and Dolphins

Got to enjoy some time in the ocean last week :).

We had an addition to the family. Aaron Schmidt flew in Monday, from Honolulu, to lend a hand in capturing breathtaking footage for RTG. And friend, Moriah Quinn joined us on Tuesday for a trip down to Kealakekua Bay, located in Captain Cook, Hi., to do some ocean kayaking, swimming with the dolphins, and also photograph life beneath the surface.

Jen was my kayaking buddy. Thanks to her, Kaiulani, and Moriah, I managed to work up the courage to get into the ocean. It wasn’t easy. After about 5 “Jenn are you sure this thing will make me float,” I finally jumped in. I wasn’t able to get close to any of the dolphins but I did confront my fear of open ocean swimming by doggy paddling around the kayaks.

I was content, but I think I’ll leave the real swimming to the professionals.

The day progressed and we paddled our way to the Captain Cook Monument, on the north tip of the crescent shaped bay. According to local kayakers, the area around the memorial also happens to be the best spot for snorkeling. As the rest of the team snorkeled, I took in the natural beauty that surrounded us above the water.

Kealakekua Bay view from Captain Cook Monument. ©2011/ Viviana Rivera

I had a wonderful day. Hopefully, we can do this again before the end of our trip.


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