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Recreating The Garden is a film linking the destruction of the earth to Man’s inner discontent and search for happiness/ Paradise.

We are a team of 4 filmmakers from Brooks Institute in California, who are each passionate about the natural world and our own self development, personally and globally. (Our bios can be read in full on The Filmmakers page).

We see Hawaii as today’s modern day Garden of Eden where most people flock to experience a taste of a universal longed for Paradise. But Hawaii has also become the number one experimental location for genetically engineered foods and the home-base for many chemical companies. Its perfect year round growing climate has become the ideal breeding ground for GE field trials and other experimental crops.

In relation to this, just like most schools in the U.S., the Hawaiian school systems are designed to keep the children indoors. In a tropical paradise, the hands of children never touch the soil. How can we expect a generation to care about something (the earth), that they don’t have a relationship with?
On the smaller islands, the majority of the populations are employed by these huge corporate chemical companies. Their paychecks are dependent upon the very technologies that are consuming their homeland.
And despite its perfect growing climate and being the 2nd most frequented vacation spot in the world, Hawaii remains un-sustaining in its food supply. Approximately ninety percent of their food is imported from somewhere else.  You could be in Hawaii eating pineapple from another country. Really?

In this film, we are using Hawaii as a microcosm for the global “Garden” of planet earth. We will be talking with locals, farmers, schools and children, families, experts, activists and employees of the chemical companies, as well as capturing some of the spectacular natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. And underneath this, we will be asking how the health of our earth comes back to our relationships with ourselves and something Higher. Asking the big question… what it is we are all really searching for?


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