During the next hour, Recreating The Garden will be on the radio in Kauai, Hawaii on KKCR!!
You can go listen live right now at their website, and click listen live! This is such a great opportunity for us, and we thank the KKCR Community Radio for giving it to us!

We hope everyone is having a great day!

RTG Crew

KKCR Website Link

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As you probably have already seen, we made our Kickstarter fund raising goal! Thank you so much to everyone who donated, spread the word, or even just supported us in this adventure. This is merely one step in a pathway of many for Recreating The Garden, but it certainly was an important one.

Thank you everyone who helped us get here, you truly are making a difference.

RTG Crew

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Video Posted, Maui Update

An update from Maui, right before leaving to come to Kauai!

RTG Crew

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We are Going to be on Kauai TV!

Kauai has been such a gem so far, and during our travels yesterday, we had the opportunity to meet J Robertson, Managing Director of Ho’ike Kaua’i Community Television. After some brief conversation and many jokes, he asked for a DVD copy of Recreating The Garden when it is done. It may be 4 or so months down the line, but we officially have our first place to show our movie come completion!

RTG Crew

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Maui; The Valley Isle

Between the Big Island and Kauai, we had the opportunity to stop on Maui and languish in some of the gorgeous sights. My first impression of Maui was a positive one. The energy was relaxing, and the 9 seat airplane that flew us over allowed for views in all directions. The green expanses were reminiscent of watching Jurassic Park as a child, and ironically enough these islands were it’s birth place. The entire experience spent on Maui was soaked with indescribable beauty, and my words could not capture it if I hired someone to do the writing. The south side of the island boasts a popular travel road, one that sinks so close to the ocean the spray can be felt with the windows rolled down. The north side houses greenery purer than the crayon itself, sprinkled with waterfalls so close together it is like traveling with a dripping faucet.

O'heo Gulch, Waimoku Falls, Maui . © Jennifer Lourie / 2011

I think one of the most memorable moments was an early morning hike to the Red Sand Beach. I had awoken suddenly after a restless nights sleep, and with very little warning was promptly told an adventure was to be had. After parking, a steep hike began, one involving Tarzan-like actions across a multitude of tree roots. Albeit the journey was one to remember, it was the destination that deserves the hype. From one lookout, ominous clouds rolled in through the trees, mashing aggressively with the unrealistic blue sky. Doing a 180 degree turn resulted in the true ending of our journey. Crystal clear water cascaded into a rock wall, creating an assemblage of a reef for the lucky few confidant enough in their swimming skills. The legendary red sand glimmered in the sunlight, a product of the cindercone wall enriching the ground with iron. Words cannot replicate the vision I carry with me from such adventure, and in line with such, a picture cannot depict the richness.

Red Sand Beach, Maui . © Jennifer Lourie / 2011

Some things just have to be seen to be believed. Hopefully our documentary can do the same as the memory I hold of this hidden cove.

Jennifer Lourie

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Inside Look of our Past Two Weeks!

It’s been a very exciting couple of weeks for the RTG Crew. Lots of shooting. Lots of traveling. From open ocean kayaking, down at Kealakekua Bay, to night shooting at the summit of Kilauea Volcano, and everything in between. We don’t want anyone to feel out of the loop, so here is a quick rundown of everything that we have been doing!

We did a short night hike to Kilauea Volcano, and “You never really experience the absolute beauty of the volcano until you go at night. You see the beauty that is Pele the volcano goddess, and why the Hawaiian people revere her in such a way,” according to Viviana Rivera. It was quite a different experience to be able to see the volcano for what it really is, not just the puffs of smoke that fly from her during the day. Various people came and went. Some spoke softly amongst themselves and others remained silent. Sometime during the night a traveler pulled out his guitar and played softly on the edge of the overlook wall.

Another great stop was to the Paauilo School Garden, at the Paauilo Elementary and Intermediate School in Paauilo, on the Big Island. The school garden is the longest running school garden program on the island. Donna Mitts is the coordinator, and has done wonders for the school, but most importantly, the children she works with. Not only did we witness the milking of a goat, we also got the opportunity to see young children excited about planting and harvesting! It’s great to see where the cycle begins.

The next leg of our trip took us to Akaka Falls State Park, just north of Hilo. The park featured a short 1/2 mile hike around a lush rainforest filled with orchids and bamboo groves. We were rewarded for our efforts with a 442 foot waterfall known as Akaka Falls. Akaka means “A rent, split, chink, separation; to crack, split, scale” in Hawaiian, and this mighty beast is located at the edge of Kolekole stream.

We then had the chance to travel up to our dear friend Koh Ming Wei’s house in Waimea, and speak with Chad Eckert about his journey from Michigan to Hawaii. “I went out to the infinite abyss without wings. Didn’t know how to fly, but I learned on the way down,” he says about his decision to leave. It’s a compelling story, that might find a place within our film.

To top off our incredibly productive week, we were invited to attend the Kohala ‘Aina Festival put on by the Hawai’i Institute of Pacific Agriculture and North Kohala Eat Locally Grown. The event included; workshops on vegetable fermentation and the best way to plant sweet potatoes, bamboo building hosted by Sebastian Collet, a graduation ceremony for the fall course students, Lu’au feast, and a performance by Medicine for the People. The community atmosphere was indescribable, everyone was willing to lend a hand and do their job, even when the rain became a torrential downpour.

Overall, it was a great week for us here on the RTG Crew. Please feel free to check out some more photos taken by Aaron Schmidt during his travels with us.

Have a great day, and stay posted for more updates!

RTG Crew

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Kayaking and Dolphins

Got to enjoy some time in the ocean last week :).

We had an addition to the family. Aaron Schmidt flew in Monday, from Honolulu, to lend a hand in capturing breathtaking footage for RTG. And friend, Moriah Quinn joined us on Tuesday for a trip down to Kealakekua Bay, located in Captain Cook, Hi., to do some ocean kayaking, swimming with the dolphins, and also photograph life beneath the surface.

Jen was my kayaking buddy. Thanks to her, Kaiulani, and Moriah, I managed to work up the courage to get into the ocean. It wasn’t easy. After about 5 “Jenn are you sure this thing will make me float,” I finally jumped in. I wasn’t able to get close to any of the dolphins but I did confront my fear of open ocean swimming by doggy paddling around the kayaks.

I was content, but I think I’ll leave the real swimming to the professionals.

The day progressed and we paddled our way to the Captain Cook Monument, on the north tip of the crescent shaped bay. According to local kayakers, the area around the memorial also happens to be the best spot for snorkeling. As the rest of the team snorkeled, I took in the natural beauty that surrounded us above the water.

Kealakekua Bay view from Captain Cook Monument. ©2011/ Viviana Rivera

I had a wonderful day. Hopefully, we can do this again before the end of our trip.


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