Kaiulani Kimbrell: Writer, Producer & Director for RTG

“What is important to me is not the truth outside myself, but the truth within myself and film has the capacity to help reveal those innermost truths, personally and globally.”

Kaiulani is a director, writer, producer and the creator of Stewpot films, a documentary based production company designed to encourage, nourish and enlighten.

She has directed the short film, Grass Is Green… and We Like It That Way, which covered the 2010 Supreme Court Case on Genetically Engineered Alfalfa.
She Co-Directed and Produced Visions, a short film selected for The Ojai Film Festival, which premiered in December 2010.

She currently attends Brooks Institute for Visual Journalism and Directing for documentary film-making. Before Brooks,  Kaiulani was an actress and singer songwriter, and worked behind the scenes in the music department at New Line Cinema and Warner Bros.

An advocate for the environment for many years, Kaiulani does her best to walk the talk by living a primarily organic and sustainable lifestyle. She is an unconditional believer in the goodness in all people.

For more you can visit her personal writings and blog at kaiulanikimbrell.com


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